Bird Photography: Audubon Series

Eduardo del Solar

This workshop aims to develop skills and strategies to improve your bird photographs.  Technical, artistic, and practical topics associated included in this workshop are:

·       Equipment and associated accessories needed for static and birds in flight photography.

·       Light, exposure and composition techniques.

·       The role of software and the digital darkroom as a management and processing tool.

·       Where to go and how to approach birds.

·       Ethical issues associated with nature photography.


What is bird photography?

·       Bird on a stick. 2-28

·       Bird only. 29-54  

·       Environmental photography. 55-116

·       Behavioral: breeding, feeding, migration, displaying etc. 117-217

·       Birds in flight . 218-257

·         Realism or documentary vs. expressionistic/artistic photography 258-286

·       Outdoor studio photography vs. nature or “natural” photography. 287-293

·       Captives


Improving your skills

·       Master shooting pigeons, gulls, sparrows at first.

·       Create bird photo projects for yourself.  Start small, think big.

·       Join a bird photography forum, post/critique daily.

·       Let light organize your shooting schedule.  Aim for the magical hours.

·       Consider taking a bird/ornithology workshop.



Equipment Reviews

















·       Birds as Art,  Arthur Morris



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