Introduction to Bird Photography

Viles Arboretum

May 10, 2014

Eduardo del Solar

This workshop aims to develop skills and strategies to improve your bird photographs.  Technical, artistic, and practical topics associated included in this workshop are:

·       Equipment and associated accessories needed for static and birds in flight photography.

·       Light, exposure and composition techniques.

·       The role of software and the digital darkroom as a management and processing tool.

·       Where to go and how to approach birds.

·       Ethical issues associated with nature photography.


What is bird photography?

·       Bird on a stick.

·       Bird only.

·       Environmental photography.

·       Behavioral: breeding, feeding, migration, displaying etc.

·       Birds in flight

·       Outdoor studio photography vs. nature or “natural” photography.

·       Realism or documentary vs. expressionistic/artistic photography

·       Captives


Improving your skills

·       Master shooting pigeons, gulls, sparrows at first.

·       Create bird photo projects for yourself.  Start small, think big.

·       Join a bird photography forum, post/critique daily.

·       Let light organize your shooting schedule.  Aim for the magical hours.

·       Consider taking a bird/ornithology workshop.



Equipment Reviews

















·       Birds as Art,  Arthur Morris

Boy Scouts


Date:                      May 10, 2014

Hours :                   8 AM – 10:30 AM

Cost:                      $40 per person

Max number           30 people

Registration            Mark Desmeules, Director Viles Arboretum Tel. 207-626-7989


Contact Info

Eduardo del Solar



Cell                         617-3191862