My name is Eduardo del Solar.  I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Presently I reside in the New England area of the USA where I work as a technology teacher in the Boston public schools.

A great deal of my job takes place inside the confines of school walls.  Nature photography provides me a distinct break from the work that goes on indoors, inside a classroom.  During the week ends and vacations, I find myself quite ready to go at, or before, sunrise.  These are times when the light seems to be so sweet and the natural world is so transformed!

In the last ten years I have been concentrating in nature photography.  From December 2005 to December 2006 I engaged in a one year project at the Boston Nature Center with the purpose of honing my photographic skills and advancing my web design skills.  I then became engaged in a three to five year Birds of the Americas  project, a project that has taken me to Peru, Costa Rica and Galapagos. Peru has about 1800 different species of birds, second only to Colombia, and Massachusetts has about 500 species. I have taken five trips to Peru to get my collection started. My goal is to photograph what is available to me in the New England area all the way down to my native country.

In 2011 I started a project with Goldenrod, an environmental agency at Plymouth Long Beach, an Important Bird Area that has nesting colonies of Piping Plovers, terns and gulls. My goal is to photograph the seasons through an entire year. Below are some images from these projects.

Plymouth Long Beach

Birds of the Americas Exhibits and Images

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A few more images from the Americas, from recent projects.

  1. Mary's Point Sandpiper's migration. Canada
  2. New England Birds Cape Cod Club presentation

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