Eduardo del Solar Nature Photography

In 2009 I went to St. Martin in New Brunswick Canada to take a workshop with master photographers Freeman Patterson and Andrè Gallant. My photographic life has never been the same since then! Freeman is well known for his lectures on visual design and the art of making photographs. I still use his book "Photography: The Art of Seeing" as my bible for making images. Since then I have returned to Canada for two more workshops, each succesive one being crucial in my development as a photographer.

Here is a selection of images from each of these three workshops:

  1. Saint Martins, New Brunswick 2009
  2. Saint Martins, New Brunswick 2010
  3. Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick 2014

In addition to images I have taken in my visits to New Brunswick, here are a few shoots where I am experimenting and playing to techniques and strategies that are part of these workshops. Many of the images here will fall into the abstract or "dream like" genre. Some were achieved via the use of in camera motion, others via multiple exposures.

  1. Fall colors: Arboretum
  2. Fall colors: Forest Hills Cemetery
  3. Fall Colors: Arboretum II
  4. Fall Colors Arboretum III







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